ROBYSOFT is Nick Santaniello. I design and develop games and apps. Check out my blog, my resume, or just email me!


Powerboat Italia '88

2014 / Custom / Physical
A frenetic speedboat racing game for 1-4 players that combines old-school button mashing with precision maneuvering and timing.
Just Rain

2013 / iOS / Android / OUYA
A multiplatform audiovisual rain simulator. Control the intensity of rain with touch gestures. Use it to relax, to study, or to sleep!
Igloo Command Deluxe

2012 / iOS
A classic arcade game for iPhone and iPad offering new enemies, powerups, secrets, and Game Center integration.
Pro Basketball Pocket Reference

2012 / iOS
A historical reference app for basketball lovers everywhere.
Barcode Bots

2012 / Android
A mobile game that generates unique creatures from UPC and QR barcodes.

2011 / Web
A mobile web app that helps you locate and tag arcade games near you.
Igloo Command

2011 / iOS
A fast-paced classic arcade game for iPhone and iPad.

2011 / Web
A sister-app of ArcadeFinder that let's you immediately see the easiest walking path to your nearest NYC subway station.

2011 / Web
A web-based text editor inspired by the journal-writing sequences of Doogie Howser M.D.
Assorted Data Visualizations

2011 / Web
Assorted interactive and traditional data visualizations including a depiction of the decline of Pro Boxing and an anatomy of our online video consumption.

2011 / Custom / Physical
A light, portable, tv-based game that helps a player lose weight while watching tv.
Ozone Command

2010 / Custom / Physical
A custom arcade game that uses webcam input to generate visuals while you play.
Rad Chef

2009 / Flash
A retro-styled arcade game available in the Chrome Web Store.
Rad Chef Soundboard

2009 / iOS
A simple soundboard app for iPhone featuring Rad Chef sound effects.
Bobby is Going Home 2

2007 / Flash
A browser-based homage/sequel to a obscure Atari 2600 game.