ROBYSOFT is Nick Santaniello. I design and develop games and apps. Check out my blog, my resume, or just email me!


Powerboat Italia '88

2014 / Custom / Physical
A frenetic speedboat racing game for 1-4 players

Produced as a physical arcade cabinet as part of Death by Audio Arcade, Powerboat Italia '88 features a backlit marquee, painted cabinet, and authentic arcade controls.

Just Rain

2013 / iOS / Android / OUYA
A multiplatform audiovisual rain simulator

Just Rain allows a user to control the intensity of beautiful rain visuals and rich, layered rain sounds with touch gestures. Just Rain has garnered critical praise across Android, iOS, OUYA and Fire TV, garnering over 30,000 downloads.

Igloo Command Deluxe

2012 / iOS / Android / OUYA
A classic arcade game for iPhone, iPad and Android

Igloo Command Deluxe represents Robysoft's most polished mobile game to date. Expanding on the original Igloo Command, Igloo Command Deluxe offers new enemies, powerups, secrets, and Apple Game Center integration.

Pro Basketball Pocket Reference

2012 / iOS
A historical reference app for basketball lovers everywhere

Featuring SQLite integration, PBPR is an easily navigable offline compendium of professional basketball knowledge from 1946 through 2012. Perfect for barroom debates where an internet connection is not available.

Barcode Bots

2012 / Android
A mobile game that generates unique creatures from UPC and QR barcodes

Produced as my thesis from NYU Tisch's ITP program, Barcode Bots alllows players to seek out and befriend unique pixel-art creatures generated from barcode data. The beta application is avaialble free to download for Android devices.


2011 / Web
A mobile web app that helps you locate arcade games near you

ArcadeFinder uses the Google Maps API and HTML5 Geolocation in conjunction with a crowd-sourced database to reveal nearby arcade locations on your mobile device.

Igloo Command

2011 / iOS / Android
A fast-paced classic arcade game for iPhone and iPad

Igloo Command was Robysoft's first full-featured game for mobile. Inspired by Missile Command and other early arcade games, Igloo Command sought to reinvent the arcade experience with touch gestures. Built with Corona SDK.


2011 / Web
A one-touch app that reveals the walking path to your nearest NYC subway station

A sister-app of ArcadeFinder, NearestSubway uses HTML5 Geolocation coupled Google's directions API to guide you to your nearest subway station. Intended for times where a user is unfamilliar (and perhaps feeling unsafe) in a new neighborhood.


2011 / Web
A web-based text editor inspired by the journal-writing sequences of Doogie Howser M.D

Inspired by other distraction-free writing tools and the focused computing of yesteryear, DoogieWrite features export to .txt as well as saving your document via HTML5 local storage.

Assorted Data Visualizations

2011 / Web
Assorted interactive and traditional data visualizations

Highlights include a depiction of the decline of Pro Boxing and an anatomy of our online video consumption. Constructed using Processing and HTML Canvas.


2011 / Custom / Physical
A light, portable, tv-based game that helps a player lose weight while watching tv.

Constructed using a Polar heart-rate sensor, Arduino and the Video Experimenter shield, HeartRacer is a prototype for a product that regulates your heart rate for weight loss while watching TV.

Ozone Command

2010 / Custom / Physical
A custom arcade game that uses webcam input to generate visuals while you play

Sourced from vintage Atari paddles and an old webcam, the gameplay of Ozone Command places a live, abstract vision of your face looking down on the Earth that you're struggling to defend. Built with Processing.

Rad Chef

2009 / Flash
A retro-styled arcade game with a weird sense of humor

The triumphant culimination of Robysoft's Flash efforts, Rad Chef is a nuanced game that pays homage to the pyschedelic visual feasts of Jeff Minter as well as classics of videogaming history such as Robotron 2084.

Rad Chef Soundboard

2009 / iOS
A simple soundboard app for iPhone

Robysoft's first mobile app, Rad Chef Soundboard is a simple celebration of the original sound effects from Rad Chef. Inspired by the countless Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards from the earlier web.

Bobby is Going Home 2

2007 / Flash
A browser-based homage/sequel to an obscure Atari 2600 game

Robysoft's first Flash project, BIGH2 is a simple and quirky platformer inspired by the original Bobby is Going Home. While amateurish, it is a testament to humble beginnings.